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Rat Control Sydney

Not only is a rat infestation annoying, but it also creates a hygiene issue that makes any house or place of business unsafe. Getting rid of the rats should be your primary concern if you believe you have a rat problem. We can help with it thanks to our experience in rat control Sydney. Our in-depth knowledge of rodent behaviour has enabled us to create precise diagnoses and pest control treatments far beyond conventional pest management.

We at Inner West Exterminator collaborate with residential and commercial property owners in Sydney and offer the best rat removal Sydney services. Based on a comprehensive inspection of your property and its drainage system, we employ root-cause analysis to solve rat control issues. After that, we use tried-and-true, market-leading approaches to eradicate rats.

Different Types of Rats

In Australia, there are primarily two kinds of rats that constitute a problem. Brown rats, often known as common rats and black rats, are frequent pests in both residential and commercial buildings in Sydney, including:

1. Black Rats

Black rats can be found in coastal towns, as well as in many urban environments across Australia. They are incredibly agile and skilled climbers who prefer consuming fruit. Black rats are 16-24cm long, and their tails are longer than their heads and bodies. They also have pointed noses, larger ears, and slender bodies.

2. Brown Rats

Although brown rats are occasionally observed to climb, they typically prefer to reside and tunnel on the ground. The tail of a brown rat, which can reach a length of 40 cm, is smaller than the body and head. Compared to black rats, they have blunt noses, tiny ears, and thicker bodies. Cereals are their preferred food; they can consume about 30g of food plus 60 ml of liquid.

Signs That You Have A Rat Infestation

You could ascertain if you have a rat problem on your own before calling for assistance with rat control Sydney. Just a few warning signals are as follows: 

  • One of the most noticeable symptoms is the presence of their dark, pellet-shaped faeces, which resemble giant grains of rice. Rats can drop up to 40 faecal matter in a single night and frequently utilise the same location to urinate, so these tend to congregate there.
  • You hear noises like scratching in the walls or under the flooring. Rats may be making noises when scuttling, chewing, and scratching. When stressed, brown rats frequently grind their teeth and chatter, which are pretty recognisable sounds.
  • Electrical cables, timber, plastic, brick, lead pipes, shredded food storage bags, and building materials with signs of gnaw marks.
  • Rats leave footprints, holes, and nests in unused dusty areas of a building, and you may find tail marks too.
  • As they go along these paths to their nests or in quest of food, their coats scrape against surfaces, leaving smear patterns on the walls.
  • You see a dead or live rat.

Spotting these signs is crucial to getting timely pest control as that helps stem the problem in the bud. If you have noticed any of these signs or suspect a rat infestation on your premises, you should call a rat control company to thoroughly look into the problem and give you a plan for elimination.

The Risks Of Rats On Your Property

Rats pose severe health and safety problems in both household and commercial settings, such as:

  • Fires brought on by rodents gnawing on electric cables.
  • Spreading of dangerous infections such as rat bite fever, leptospirosis, salmonella, and Weil's disease, also called as leptospirosis.

Recommended Rat Control Solutions

We at Inner West Exterminators know how upsetting it can be to find rats in your home and how damaging it can be for your property because rats can nibble through wiring, wood, plastic, and even mild steel. Professional rat control in Sydney is the simplest and fastest approach to getting rid of rodents from your home or place of business.

Our Rat Control Sydney Process

Give us a call, and we'll set up a local specialist to contact you immediately.

  • Inspection - In order to find solutions specific to your pest problem, our professionals will discuss your situation and set up an inspection. We are pleased to offer a free inspection and quote.
  • Effective Treatment - Technicians will visit your property at the time of your consultation. Our procedures are safe for people, animals, and the environment.
  • Maintenance - To guarantee that your problem is treated, we offer guaranteed remedies, prevention guidance, and the number of visits you need.

If you suspect you have a rat infestation in your home, it’s time to call in rat control Sydney specialists like us. At Inner West Exterminators, we provide customised pest control services, including inspections, management and prevention. For more details, please call Inner West Exterminators at 1300 860 465 or request a quote via the form on this page.

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The products we use in the fight against pests are approved by the Ministry of Health and respects the non-target organisms and the environment. Although pests do not attack people directly, Our techniques are effective and quick, call us for extermination of pests at your property!

almost all pests have the potential of serious danger that can cause an epidemic with viruses and bacteria. They also threaten the quality of life and working environment with their ugly appearance.

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We Offer A Wide Range Of Solutions

Inner West Exterminator offers a wide-range of solutions for your businesses as well. Our experts will listen to your pest control needs and use them to create a pest control management plan. Some of the solutions we can provide you include:


Eliminating rodents

Inner West Exterminator has the perfect know-how on eliminating rodents by using effective traps and products.

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Eliminating rodents

It is very often that drains are overlooked when looking for the sources of pests. Inner West Exterminator will check the drain lines and clean residual food particles in the drain lines that are attractive to pests.

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Eliminating Pests Once And For All

We identify, locate and eliminate

Other than being annoying and disgusting, pests can also cause harmful diseases and hazardous bacteria that are very likely to get you and your family members in health troubles. Most cockroaches carry E coli and salmonella on their bodies and are capable of causing many other health complications.

You could try your chance and use home remedies against the pests but 9 times out of 10 you would fail. Your best option is still hiring a pest control service – Inner West Exterminator will identify, locate and eliminate a lot quicker than you and the results won’t even be comparable.

Leader in pest control industry

Specialists of our company carry out a full range of activities for cleaning residential and commercial buildings from unwanted inhabitants. We employ only qualified professionals, so we guarantee the quality of work and a long absence of pests after processing.

For many years, our team at Inner West Exterminator has been a leader in the pest control industry. Whether you are dealing with pests at a private residence or business location, we have the right tools to help eliminate pests and guarantee long-term solutions. From termites to rodents, count on us to quickly identify the source of the problem and get the job done right the first time!

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