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Common Signs Of a Rodent Infestation and What You Can Do About It

Rodents are common in various parts of Australia. These pests are a nuisance and carry diseases too. Besides damaging your property, they contaminate whatever food they find. It’s why the country runs many programmes to eradicate them. As the temperatures drop and food becomes scarcer, they invade residential and commercial properties in search of food and also carry other parasites like lice, fleas, etc. with them.


The best way to deal with a rodent infestation is to call rodent control experts like us at Inner West Exterminators as soon as you notice the signs. You need to eliminate them before their population turns into a severe infestation.


What Are The Signs of a Rodent Infestation?


Rodents are nocturnal pests and they come out and roam around on your property after nightfall. Look for the following signs to determine whether they have invaded your home.


  • Scratching Noises- Rat infestation in roofing areas is common because they are expert climbers. That is why even the upper floors of high-rise buildings are not safe from rodent infestation with lofts as their favourite hideouts.


When you wake up from your sleep at night by unusual scratching and scurrying sounds in your home, it means there is an active rodent infestation in your home. Brown rats are not known to be good climbers. However, they run swiftly under false ceilings, floorboards, basements, etc. and also make a teeth-grinding sound called bruxing.


  • Rat Droppings – The most visible sign of a rat infestation are small, spindle-shaped, dark droppings randomly spread in your home. You find them along the walls, under sinks and in cupboards, etc. where rodents can find some food. A large rodent can leave behind 50 to 80 droppings in a single night. If you find a lot of droppings around, be sure there is more than one rodent in your house.


  • Tracks – Rodents leave footprints on dusty floors of basement, lofts, floorboards, etc. To find their new tracks, sprinkle some talcum or clay powder along the walls and check the next day for their claw prints.


  • Rub Or Grease Marks – Rodents move around the wall, and their fur gets brushed against the wall leaving marks, smudges, and smears. You see these marks on baseboards and other places, which is a clear indication of their presence on your property.


  • Damage And Destruction – Rodents have powerful teeth, and they gnaw on anything from plastic, wood, wires, hard cement, etc. They easily shred food packaging or bite into fruits and vegetables and leave teeth marks on them. You need to throw away that food as it is contaminated.


  • Nest Building – Rodents seek hidden and warm places to build nests and cushion them with shredded paper, plastic, fabric, etc. Check loose panelling and floorboards for these shreds, and look for signs of a nest. They also burrow in the garden or heaps of garbage to build nests.


  • Strong Smell – Rat urine has a strong smell, and the smell is stronger at the place of their activity.


If you feel you have rodents on your property, contact us for our rodent control services, Get a free quote via this online form or give Inner West Exterminators a call at this number- 1300 860 465.

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almost all pests have the potential of serious danger that can cause an epidemic with viruses and bacteria. They also threaten the quality of life and working environment with their ugly appearance.

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Inner West Exterminator offers a wide-range of solutions for your businesses as well. Our experts will listen to your pest control needs and use them to create a pest control management plan. Some of the solutions we can provide you include:


Eliminating rodents

Inner West Exterminator has the perfect know-how on eliminating rodents by using effective traps and products.

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Eliminating rodents

It is very often that drains are overlooked when looking for the sources of pests. Inner West Exterminator will check the drain lines and clean residual food particles in the drain lines that are attractive to pests.

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Other than being annoying and disgusting, pests can also cause harmful diseases and hazardous bacteria that are very likely to get you and your family members in health troubles. Most cockroaches carry E coli and salmonella on their bodies and are capable of causing many other health complications.

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