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About Ant Control and Why Its Important

Despite the fact that ants are minute and vulnerable, it is crucial to ensure that they’re controlled and eliminated once they infest a commercial or residential establishment. Ant colonies typically consist of a queen that reproduces and forms the entire colony, while the worker ants search for food.

Why It Is So Difficult To Get Rid of Ants

Although these pests are incredibly tiny, they are smart and move in large numbers. You will rarely ever see an ant roaming alone; you will instead see them in large numbers, trailing behind one another in a single line. You may think that killing a few of them will solve the issue; however, they are incredibly crafty. Store-bought insecticides, although useful, is only a temporary solution. Ants leave their pheromones behind; it gives the other ants an idea of how and where they should travel.

This is mainly why ants spread incredibly fast over a short period. You can even try breaking up a pack of ants; however, they will eventually find their way back to the nest. As ants are minute, they can easily hide in the crevices and niches of your property, making it extremely challenging to eliminate their nest. We at Inner West Exterminators can quickly get rid of the most extreme cases of ant infestations on your commercial or residential property.

Some Ant Species Can Cause Significant Harm

There are a few species of ants that can cause a considerable amount of harm if they sting a person. Ordinary black ants are lured by the odours from food, rotting plants, as well as other insects. Although a nuisance, these ants do not harm humans. However, they do contaminate food items and various surfaces around the house. If you accidentally leave food items around the house, harmful bacteria can get transmitted. This can result in several serious health problems.

Preventing Ants On Your Property

You must maintain high-levels of cleanliness both inside and outside your property. Ants are incredibly small and can easily infiltrate your house from tiny holes and crevices in the walls. This is why it's crucial to ensure all entry points are properly sealed off. See to it that no plant matter, garbage, or food is lying around on your premises.

Ants are attracted to moist and damp places, which makes it essential that all plumbing leaks are taken care of. Ensuring that these steps are carried out will prevent ants from breeding and building nests on your property.

Call Professionals for Ant Control

You might be better off if you call in professionals like us for ant control. Besides providing guarantees for the work, we use highly useful, environment-friendly insecticides. Furthermore, we offer pest control treatments for mosquitoes, cockroaches, wasps, flies, and termites as well.

For any more information, feel free to call Inner West Exterminators a call at this number- 1300 860 465. You can also get a free quote via this online form. We handle all types of pest control for commercial and residential clients.

Our Products
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The products we use in the fight against pests are approved by the Ministry of Health and respects the non-target organisms and the environment. Although pests do not attack people directly, Our techniques are effective and quick, call us for extermination of pests at your property!

almost all pests have the potential of serious danger that can cause an epidemic with viruses and bacteria. They also threaten the quality of life and working environment with their ugly appearance.

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We Offer A Wide Range Of Solutions

Inner West Exterminator offers a wide-range of solutions for your businesses as well. Our experts will listen to your pest control needs and use them to create a pest control management plan. Some of the solutions we can provide you include:


Eliminating rodents

Inner West Exterminator has the perfect know-how on eliminating rodents by using effective traps and products.

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Eliminating rodents

It is very often that drains are overlooked when looking for the sources of pests. Inner West Exterminator will check the drain lines and clean residual food particles in the drain lines that are attractive to pests.

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Eliminating Pests Once And For All

We identify, locate and eliminate

Other than being annoying and disgusting, pests can also cause harmful diseases and hazardous bacteria that are very likely to get you and your family members in health troubles. Most cockroaches carry E coli and salmonella on their bodies and are capable of causing many other health complications.

You could try your chance and use home remedies against the pests but 9 times out of 10 you would fail. Your best option is still hiring a pest control service – Inner West Exterminator will identify, locate and eliminate a lot quicker than you and the results won’t even be comparable.

Leader in pest control industry

Specialists of our company carry out a full range of activities for cleaning residential and commercial buildings from unwanted inhabitants. We employ only qualified professionals, so we guarantee the quality of work and a long absence of pests after processing.

For many years, our team at Inner West Exterminator has been a leader in the pest control industry. Whether you are dealing with pests at a private residence or business location, we have the right tools to help eliminate pests and guarantee long-term solutions. From termites to rodents, count on us to quickly identify the source of the problem and get the job done right the first time!

Eliminating Pests Once And For All
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